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  • Use of MEE and ATFD reduces operating and disposal cost.
    Use of forced circulation evaporator minimize scaling in evaporator.
  • Indirectly heated dryer gives no dusting,smell or air pollution as in case of direct contact dryer like spray orflash dryer.
  • Complete skid mounted system can be offered.
  • Fully automatic operation is achieved by PLC based SCADA system.

1st Stage ( Stripper) : Stripper isolates volatile organics from feed to reduce COD.

2nd stage (MEE) : MEE concentrate feed up to flowable slurry level bywater evaporation under vacuum.

3rd stage (ATFD) : ATFD does final drying of MEE concentrate to get dry solids which can be land filled.

Multiple effect evaporator will be falling film or forced circulation evaporators in series with or without thermo compressor to get steam economy. No.of effects will be optimized based on total evaporation load and cost of steam & power at site.

Zero liquid discharge Evaporators
Zero liquid discharge Evaporators stages

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