Twin / Tri Lobe Blower - Design And Construction Advantages

Competitor Plus blowers include special features usually found only on premium blowers and at competitive prices.
They are generally interchangeable with Roots Universal RAI® and many Sutorbit® California Legend™ models. Compatible with most existing OEM engineering dimensions. Competitor Plus blowers are rated up to 15 PSIG (1.03 bar g) discharge pressure or 16” Hg [450 mbar (a)] dry vacuum.

Premium Features :
Oil Lubricated on both ends
Double row ball bearings
Helical gear
Rated to 15 PSIG pressure
Rated to 16” Hg Vacuum

PD Plus is a long-established line of premium, heavy-duty models ranging from 3.25” to 12” gear diameter and 2.5” to 48” rotor length. These blowers are renowned for their quality, dependability and outstanding performance.

Premium Features
5 bearing design
Single / Double Envelope Gastight
Cooling Coils for High temperature
Coating options
2 or 3 Lobe Design
AGMA 10 rated Helical timimg gears
SAE 4140 Forged Alloy Steel drive shaft
Shaft integral with Lobes
Heavy duty casing
Liquid injection features
Applications upto 100 PSIG
Oil Splash lubrication on both ends


Twin -Tri Lobe Blower

Application :
Pulp/Paper Processing
Fluid/Bed Combustion
Pneumatic Conveying
Fluidization/Agitation of Powders
Vapor Recovery at Elevated Pressures
Corrosive Gas Boosting Applications

Dairy Milking
Air Sparging
Wastewater Aeration
Silo Aeration
Dust Collection

Our team can assist you in selecting a twin/tri lobe blower that will best meet your custom application needs. Contact us to discuss your specific needs.

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