Amongst of all type of exchangers, shell and tube exchangers are most commonly used heat exchange equipment. it is heavy duty equipment which is widely used in process industries it can handle higher temperature up to 900-degree C & even more.

STHEs can handle higher temperatures and pressures and hence higher heat duty. This is because besides providing a higher overall heat transfer coefficient, additions can also be made to negate thermal expansion effects and the thickness can also be varied

From the design point of view, STHEs are the most versatile of all heat exchangers. Being tubular in shape, heads / closures of required shape and thickness can be used. The number of tubes and tube pitch can be selected according to operating conditions. Expansion bellows can be used to negate thermal expansion effects, baffles if different cuts and spacings can be used to influence the overall heat transfer coefficients and there’s even something called a floating head which can be added to negate thermal expansion of the tubes. The number of passes on shell side and tube side can be altered as well.

Fabricated in all material of construction including stainless steel of all grades, Hast C-276, Hast C- 22, Duplex steel, Titanium, 904 L etc.

Capacity to manufacture single HE up to 200 Sq. mt. area.

Design code – ASME Section VIII, Div- I

TEMA C, B & R Both fixed and removable tube bundle and U-tube design available

Application : Used as a regular heat exchanger for distillation columns, Condensers, chemical equipment’s stream cooling and heating purpose. Used internally in reboilers and evaporators.

Our team can assist you in developing a shell and tube heat exchanger system that will best meet your custom application needs. Contact us to discuss your specific needs.

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