On Line Leak Detection Manufacturers

Economy’s SEAL+ is the state of the art micro leak detection system designed for food packets filled with air, measuring from micro leak to macro leaks precisely. The proprietary leak detection technology controlled by servo motor ensures precise movement while maximizing performance and the specially designed sensors ensure repeatable results for wide variety of packets.

The machine learning system inbuilt to the product helps to quickly add the new packets/bags of different sizes. The system automatically stores the configuration as a profile for acceptance/rejection criteria.

  • Compact Design and Space Saving.
  • Micro Leak detection at source.
  • Large 4.3 Inch Intuitive Color Touch Screen Display Unit.
  • Clear Status Information – Accept/Reject/ Running/Stopped.
  • Product profile creation of greater than 1000 products for quick changeover between products.
  • Data Storage and pen drive retrieval options.
  • Password Protected Settings – User level, Managerial Level.
  • Accept & Reject Counter.
  • Servo motor control allows optimum adjustment and control during the detection of leak with precise and repeatability results.
  • Output for easy interface for diverters.
  • Easy selection of acceptance limits.
  • Height adjustable screws for easy levelling with vibro-mounts to elimate errors due to vibrations.
  • Bag settling brushes provide gentle agitation to smooth bags before entering the inspection area. The height and angle of brushes are easily repositioned to suit bag thickness.
  • Custom designed Sensor for higher stability and performance using USA sensor element.
  • High speed data acquisition with high sampling rate for precise measurements.
  • Advanced filtering to eliminate errors due to noise in environment.
  • Sensors Calibrated as per international standards in a NABL accredited Lab as per ISO 17025.
  • Stainless Steel Contact Parts.
On Line Leak Detection

Applications : Ready to eat foods, Snacks, Potato Wafers, Health Drinks, Milk Powder, Baby foods.

Inspection Accuracy Pinhole >=0.5mm
Packets/min 30pcs/min
Display 4.3 inch color touch display
Data Storage 1 million data points
Sorter/Diverter Optional
IP Protection IP30/IP50
Body Material Steel and Stainless-Steel Combination
Machine Weight Approx 50kgs
Range packet size (width x length x height) 100-210 x 150-320 x 50-110 mm
Conveyer Size 230 x 350 mm
Operating Temperature Range -20 C to + 60 C
Effects of Temperature on Output +- 0.005% of rated output/ C
Zero Balance +- 2% of rated output
Non-Linearity +- 0.1% of rated output
Hysteresis +- 0.3% of rated output
Reproducibility +- 0.2% of rated output
Non- Repeatability +- 0.1% of rated output
Zero Return +- 0.05% of rated output
Safe Overload 150% of rated output
Safe Side Load 30% of rated output

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