Liquid-Liquid Extractor Pilot plant (LLE)

Pilot plant facility of Liquid-Liquid Extractor Pilot plant (LLE)   for taking trials at our works or for rental basis is available with us. It is rotating disc type extraction column. Counter current extraction process take place in LLE. At outlet we get extract enriched with desired product & raffinate with small amount of product. Pilot unit is skid mounted unit consist of feeding arrangement for light phase, heavy phase & settlers.

Features of our Liquid-Liquid Extractor Pilot plant (LLE)

  • Rotating disc column in SS 316 construction
  • 6-7 stages of extraction with 3 meter height
  • Suitable for feed rate of 15-20 lit/hr of light phase or heavy phase
  • Suitable for continuous extraction
  • Improvement in yield
  • Reduction in quantity of solvent required
  • Less space & less power requirement

Our team can assist you in developing the right solution that will best meet your custom application needs. Contact us for a pilot plant.