Dry Screw – KDP


  • Simple, robust design can handle process by-products
  • Liquids, condensate, and even small particles
  • No oil or water in contact with process
  • No contact between operating components in the casing
  • Full pumping speed from atmospheric pressure down to
    1 Torr; ultimate pressure 0.1 Torr (.05 Torr on Model KDP-800)
  • Quiet operation – less than 85 dB(A)
  • Short gas path through the pump for quick discharge
  • Extended shaft for either V-belt or direct drive

Typical Applications

  • Solvent Recovery
  • Vapor Recovery
  • Vacuum Packaging
  • Freeze Drying

Models : KDP150, KDP330, KDP400, KDP800

Dry Screw – KDPH


  • Patented variable pitch rotor design increases efficiency and lowers temperatures
  • No oil or water in contact with process gases
  • Can handle both condensible vapors and some solids without leaving residue
  • Capable of full pumping speed from atmospheric pressure to 1 Torr (1.3 mbar a)
  • Can achieve ultimate vacuum as low as 0.01 Torr (0.013 mbar a)
  • No metal-to-metal contact between operating parts
  • Quiet operation
  • The SDV’s space saving C-face motor design eliminates the need for motor coupling and guard. It features a short gas path through the pump for quick discharge.

Typical Applications

  • Chemical & Pharmaceutical Processing
  • Solvent Recovery , Crystallization ,Vapor Recovery

Models : KDPH 120, KDPH 200,KDPH 320, KDPH 430, KDPH 800

The features of Dry Screw Vacuum Pump

  • Patented Variable pitch rotor design.
  • Water Jacket cooling of process gas – no internal cold spots.
  • Controllable to run hot or cold as required by the process application.
  • Simple, Smooth Rotor Profile – The Screw rotor design scores over hook and claw, Tri & twin lobes types, in many ways.
  • Rotor shaft is rugged one – piece component with greater shaft strength and no disassembly problem.
  • Tip clearance is more generous, hence particulate tolerance is excellent.
  • Gas/Vapour transfer through Screw is Straight, very short gas/vapor travel path length, which facilitates the faster pump down time.
  • One piece, rugged jacketed body, without any partitions inside, for straight transfer of gas, liquids & particles. No problem of rotor jamming due to accumulation of slug, liquids & particles, in case of partition type body.
  • Does not permit backflow of gas or slippages in gas transfer & compression.
  • Intrinsically safe: As the leak-tight pumping mechanism uses no oil or sealing fluid for vacuum generation worker exposure to leaking process gas or contaminated oil is virtually eliminated.
  • No metal to metal contact between operating parts, handles liquids, slugs & particles.
  • Continuous operation at any point on performance curve.
  • Low Noise and vibration levels, Compact low-profile design.
  • Handles wet acid vapors and high melting point media.

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