Dry Screw Vacuum Pump for Vapor Recovery Unit-VRU

The Hydrocarbon Vapor Recovery system is based on the process of adsorption on activated carbon. The saturated carbon is regenerated by means of vacuum.

This regeneration of activated carbon is done by pulling vacuum with our reliable Kowel Dry Screw vacuum pumps. This Dry technology is superior to liquid ring vacuum pumps using glycol as sealant. The Dry vacuum pumps overcome the problems of corrosion and erosion related to the use of liquid ring vacuum pumps.

Another attractive feature of the Kowel dry pumps is a comparative 40% lower energy consumption. As the dry screw pumps are equipped with variable frequency drives with feedback from vacuum transmitters, the capacity of the pump can be accurately controlled to the varying needs of a vapor recovery system. This offers an additional substantial reduction in the overall energy consumption.  The load of hydrocarbons on the activated carbon is also more balanced, which reduces the risk of hot spots.

The capacity of the vacuum system is selected based on the maximum daily loading profile with the Hydrocarbon concentration also influencing the required capacity of the vacuum system.

The vacuum system can regenerate extra loads of hydrocarbons on the activated carbon during low activity periods on the loading bay within limits.

The required vacuum level for the vacuum regeneration process is in the range of 25 and100 mbar(a). The lower vacuum levels are required for pure high boiling products like benzene and alcohols. The pump capacities required for this kind of systems are relatively large.

Important features of the vacuum pump system are ATEX standard explosion proof design, no metallic contact of internal parts, relatively low process temperature, capability to transfer slugs of liquid (part of the desorbed products at high concentration condensate inside the pump at near ambient temperatures), low power consumption, low maintenance requirements, high reliability and a life expectancy of at least 15 years.

Kowel Dry Screw Vacuum pumps comply with all  requirement  mentioned above, to perfectly suit the VRU application. A secondary advantage as mentioned earlier, is that the pumps can be fully speed controlled to adjust the capacity to variable requirements. These Dry Vacuum system helps in increasing the expected life time of the activated carbon to about 15 years .

The pumps are completely manufactured from Ductile iron. The inner parts are PTFE coated. The bearings on drive end are oil lubricated. Intermediate chambers  between  pump  section  and  the  bearings  prevent  any  contact  of  the lubricant with the process fluids. Pumps are supplied  with C flanges for simplifying installation and reducing space required. The  newly designed screw rotors give higher efficiency.

The Kowel pump offers features which allow the end user to Monitor the discharge temperature of the vacuum pumps and   Monitor the operational parameters of the vacuum pumps.

All Kowel products are tested at their facility to ensure strict compliance to the exacting manufacturing standards.

KOWEL is a worldwide recognized vacuum pump supplier in South Korea with their products being used in almost all countries of the world.

KOWEL AND ECONOMY have been associated for over 2 decades for sale and  after sales service for the Indian, Middle Eastern and African markets . The local ECONOMY service engineers are fully trained to provide the end user with any operational assistance and service support.