Check Weigher Manufacturers

Metal detector and checkweigher is perfectly connected in one frame, to achieve lowest requirements of the production line and install the machine in workshop conveniently and effectively

  • Compact design for limited space requirements
  • Single conveyor system
  • Optional multiple rejecter devices for sorting of metal vs. o-weight rejections
  • High speed capability, up to 230 feet per minute
  • Versatile product size and weight range

Applications : Ready to eat foods, Snacks, Food & Beverages industry, Pharma Industry, Dairy products.


Food safety consists of the analysis and control of biological, chemical or physical hazards in the food production and supply chain. There are many different inspection systems that analyze the food products for different types of hazards. With X-ray inspection systems you can detect the most hazardous physical contaminants and remove them from your production line before they get to the consumers.

With Mekitec’s food safety solutions you can also inspect the overall quality of your food products, such as integrity, shape or missing content. This offers a lot more value and benefits to food producers. The consumer complaints and reclaims will decrease significantly after they implement an X-ray system to their production line.

We offer the best value X-ray systems with excellent performance, user-friendliness and small footprint to make them fit in every production line.

Our food safety solutions serve most of the food industries but are focused in the inspection of processed and packaged products. Mekitec’s X-ray inspection systems are a perfect fit for such industries as snack, bakery, confectionery, dairy and ready-to-eat, among many others.

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