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Advantages of Rotary Positive Displacement Blowers Versus Centrifugal Blowers

Centrifugal blowers are generally more expensive than positive displacement blowers. Centrifugal blowers operate at high speeds (up to 30,000 RPM) and, as such, rely heavily on instrumentation which monitor many conditions to protect against unfavorable operating conditions. If such instrumentation fails, or is not utilized, a centrifugal blower will often fail to the point that replacement is the only repair alternative. A positive displacement blower will provide definite warnings prior to failure allowing the user to remove the unit from…

Blower Bearing Life

Basics of Bearing Life: L10= (C/P)10/3 x a x106/60 ——- n L10 estimated bearing life in hours; estimated as the 90% reliability hours C = radial rating of the bearing P = radial load on the bearing a = life adjustment factor; ex: oil viscosity, oil quality, etc. n = rotational speed in rev/min Doubling load reduces life to one tenth Doubling speed reduces life by one half Drive Alignment and Belt Tension: From this we can see that bearing…

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