Why Lobe Blowers Produce Vibration?

There are several reasons for lobe blowers to produce vibration , even small problem may cause vibration.

Although vibrations may not affect the operating parameters of the blower initially, it is imperative to resolve this at the earliest.

Here are some of the reasons/ causes of Vibrations:

  1. The foundation bolts get loose, it may cause vibration in vertical direction.
  2. The couplings don’t cooperate well with each other. (for roots blower having direct coupled drive)
  1. The concrete base of the blower or the foundation is damaged.
  2. The connection pipes with blower were not properly aligned and stresses not relieved using a flexible connection. Vibration in the piping is transmitted to the blower
  3. Bad quality of timing gears.
  4. Damaged bearings.
  5. Dynamic Balancing of the lobes was not done accurately.
  6. Soft foot while installing the blower.
  7. V belt alignment or tension incorrectly maintained where blowers are belt driven.

These are some of the major factors which cause vibrations and in turn reduce the life of the blower. This may lead to additional maintenance and cost.

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