Why Lobe Blower Needs Acoustic Enclosure?

The acoustic enclosure for lobe blower has two functions: one is is to control the noise level of installation and another to protect the blower and its instrumentation from dust/ rain/wind in outdoor installations,

As you are aware, a blower may produce a loud noise during its operation. In case of some installations, especially in environment compliant projects, there is a strict limitation in noise level, commonly restricted to under 85db(A).

Where there is a requirement for large displacement volumes, high differential pressure or high rpm blowers, the noise level may go above 85 dB(A), in these cases, the acoustic enclosure is mandatory .

The acoustic enclosure is broadly divided in to three major components:

  1. The External Enclosure ,
  2. Noise dampening material to reduce the sound level;
  3. The heat dissipation arrangement such as exhaust fans or Air Conditioning in some cases.

With proper design of Acoustic Enclosure, the noise level can be reduced to desired permissible limits.

Acoustic Enclosures improve aesthetics as well as safety. With the help of the acoustic enclosures , the total package including the gauges , drives , valves etc. are enclosed reducing the risk of injury while providing an aesthetically enhanced product to the customer .


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