Using Pumps for Vacuum Packaging

Vacuum packaging is a versatile solution. It is popular because of its effectiveness and the longevity it adds to the product. This packaging method employs vacuum pumps for removing air and moisture present in the product. When the pump sucks away the air, it also removes the germs, water vapor, and other harmful particles with it.

As the product is tightly sealed, no external impurity enters the product’s packaging, ensuring a long life for the product in question. Vacuum packaging is very popular in the food industry. Any edible item will degrade fast in the presence of vapors and germs. This packaging method eliminates this problem.

Using Thermoforming for Packaging

In Thermoforming, one heats a plastic sheet to mold it in the desired way. Heated plastic sheets can easily merge together to seal something properly. From preformed trays to simple plastic films, thermoforming finds applications in many ways.  Its heated plastic sheets can convert a tray into a completely sealed container instantly which is why it is popular in the fast-food industry. It’s quick and lets one pack multiple products within a small amount of time. Thermoforming is another popular application where vacuum pumps are extensively used.

Using Bottling for Packaging

Beverages also require vacuum pumps for their packaging. The presence of any kind of contaminants can reduce the life of the beverage substantially. The contamination can even make the drink inconsumable. That’s why vacuum pumps are used to remove the air from bottles before filling. They also equalize the fluid movement and pressure in the bottles. Beer bottling also requires the use of vacuum pumps.  Once the pump removes all the oxygen present in the bottle, one inserts CO2 (carbon dioxide) and a small amount of inert gas.

Packaging for Pharmaceuticals

Pharmaceutical tablets and capsules need to be sealed properly for longevity. Vacuum pumps get rid of the air present in their packs, and only after that, they are sealed. You must have seen pills packed in push-through packs or blister packs. Like all the products mentioned above, pharmaceutical pills also degrade faster in the presence of contaminants. The simple use of vacuum pumps gets rid of these substances effectively.

Buy Packaging Vacuum Pumps

Packaging quality is vital for any product’s shelf life. That’s why you should not hesitate in investing in high-quality vacuum pumps for packaging. You should look for reputed vacuum pump manufacturers in order to get your desired quality. Please do contact us today for your vacuum requirements.

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