Blowers for Mining Industry

Roots Blowers are used in copper, nickel, gold, and diamond mines to name only a few.

Principal applications:

  • Pneumatic conveying of dry bulk materials.
  • Air supply for oxidation processes
  • waste water treatment / effluent treatment plants
  • Corrosive Gas Boosting

Pneumatic conveying of dry bulk materials:

Pneumatic Conveying is a widely adopted means of transporting dry bulk material either by Vacuum or by Pressure of Air. Depending on the material to be conveyed,

The air stream with specific velocity will carry the material to the final destination. Convenience of routing Pneumatic conveying system horizontally and vertically is an added advantage over other conventional methods of conveying.

Int this system Roots blower is one major component.

Air supply for oxidation processes:

As the name suggest, dry air is bled into the system to help OXIDATION process.

waste water treatment / effluent treatment plants

The essential function of an aeration control system is to fulfil oxygen demands and maintain the treatment process at the lowest possible costs

Corrosive Gas Boosting

Roots blower have important role to play in case corrosive gas boosting. Gases such as Sulphur Di Oxide which needs boosting to reach desired location such as Leaching tanks, needs Lobe blowers. These blowers needs to have highest quality of Mechanical Sealing arrangement.

Economy Offers Lobe blower systems with best quality seals and with full automation.

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