Blowers for Construction and Transportation

Dry Bulk Transfer

The transfer of dry commodities like flour, sugar, grain, plastic pellets, coal, metals, cement, powder, etc. in bulk, either by cargo or a trailer is known as a dry bulk transfer. Trucks and trailers handling bulk materials must make certain that they are wholly sealed because the materials aren’t packaged. Bulk trucking is a kind of truck-based delivery service that moves bulk materials from one location to another by road working for different industries.

The Bulk Loading of Trailer

Loading materials like clay, sand, etc. is an easy procedure. A chute is attached to a silo to which the driver pulls the truck and gravity does the job. The material is dropped through two manholes to fill the trailer uniformly.

Loading powdered things or plastic pellets from a rail car is a rather difficult process as compared to the above. Air pressure is introduced to budge things through the hose and requires a skilled worker to do the job. The trailer is first correctly pressurized, and then air is adjusted for moving the products.

To avoid product leakage, it is ensured that the manholes and valves on the trailer are well-sealed.

The Unloading of Goods

Unloading is usually done by the driver and the helpers. Some equipment is needed for the task to be accomplished, and the driver is well-aware of how each equipment works.

The trucks are held very close to the silo. Now is the time to start the blower or vacuum. The pressure is cautiously adjusted to ensure that the product flows freely through the hose. The hose is connected to a pipe that directs towards the silo.

The Equipment

Vacuums, Blowers, and Hoses

Vacuum units are placed on the rear section of the plastic transporting trailer through the lower pipe and together with the silo or another vessel that stores the received product. Blowers come equipped with tanks for commodities like clay or sand. The blowers are less powerful than vacuum units and are half their size.

Hoses are generally used to blow material within and out of the dry bulk carrier. The hoses might require adapters while loading or offloading for their connection with other equipment.

Economy Vacuum and Blower Systems

Economy is dedicated to providing you with a sturdy solution that can sustain all your hardships. Our transport blowers are excellent when it comes to offloading dry bulk trailers. The blowers are usually mounted on tractor frame rails and are driven by transmission mounted power take-offs.

Economy offers the T855 and T1055 lobe blowers. These blowers can provide pressures up to 20 psi and 17” HG persistent vacuum capability. They include oil reservoirs at the end and do not have any external breathers, making it stubborn for water from entering or leaking into oil reservoirs. The blowers are provided with huge bearings and driveshafts. They also include our licensed Shur-Melt Thermal Relief Plugs that safeguard against heat and over-pressurization providing your business true serenity and long stretches of tough execution.

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