Applications of Vacuum Pumps and Blowers in the Plastic Industry

Pneumatic Conveying (Transporting Small Products)

The process of pneumatic conveying is used for transporting small products from one point to another. Vacuum pumps are used in this process for altering the pressure, which causes the products to flow easily to the designated location. You would need high-quality vacuum pumps that maintain a steady flow and pressure throughout the process. Companies also use blowers for this process.

Plastic Forming Process

During the formation of plastic products, vacuum pumps are used to mold plastics into complex shapes. One can change the vacuum levels for suitable results. The level of control vacuum pumps offer helps in getting perfectly shaped plastic products that have a uniform thickness. Creating a vacuum also prevents the formation of any bubbles in the plastic mold, which can be harmful for the longevity of the product.

Plastic Profiling

Plastic profiling refers to molding the shape of plastic pellets according to specific requirements. In this process, small particles of plastic are melted together to form a sheet, which is then heated in an oven and stretched over a surface. After that, it is put into the mold under vacuum. Vacuum pumps of high capacity are required for this process so that it works smoothly and without any errors. The presence of any impurities (such as glass shards or dust) can greatly damage the durability of the plastic. Vacuum pumps remove those impurities as well.

Coating of Wires

Wires are coated with nylon or rubber to keep them safe. In wire coating, the coating material is put into the extruder first. Vacuum pumps help keep the melted material in the required mold so they get the required shape. The vacuum removes the gases formed during the melting of the plastic too, as they can damage the product.

Get Vacuum Pumps for Plastic Industry

Make sure that you only get high-quality and durable vacuum pumps for these applications. We recommend consulting with our expert so that the vacuum pumps you buy are correctly sized for the application. If you are looking for vacuum pumps, you can consult with us today.

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