Agitated thin film dryer Pilot Plant (ATFD)

Pilot plant facility of  Agitated Thin Film Dryer Pilot Plant (ATFD)  for taking trials at our works or for rental basis is available with us. Feed in form of slurry (range from 30 to 50 % w/w) or solution is converted into thin film which is agitated by rotor on top of dryer. Depending upon the nature of feed we get dry powder at bottom of dryer. Pilot unit is skid mounted unit consist of feeding arrangement, external condenser & receivers for distillate & concentrate.

Features of our Agitated thin film dryer Pilot Plant Pilot plant

  • Having the area of 0.5 m2
  • Suitable for feed rate of 10-20 lit/hr
  • Heating by hot water or steam up to 200°C
  • Achievable pressure down to 1 mbar
  • Very low residence time
  • Required recovery of solvent can be achieved with external condenser
  • Well suitable heat sensitive product
  • MOC stainless steel

Our team can assist you in developing the right solution that will best meet your custom application needs. Contact us for a pilot plant.